Southall Black Sisters has a long history of campaigning against religious fundamentalism in all religions. We examined its effects on women’s rights in particular in communities, locally, nationally and internationally. As part of this ongoing work, SBS is part of the group Awaaz, which is campaigning against the rise of Hindu nationalism/fascism led by Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP in India.

The group has produced a report examining the effects of the rise of Hindu nationalism and fascism led by Narendra Modi.

Modi presided over one of the darkest episodes of communal violence in India in 2002 when over 2,000 Muslim men women and children were killed, raped and mutilated and hundreds of thousands displaced. Modi may be voted into power in the forthcoming Indian elections in March this year.

Along with many others, we are extremely concerned about the impact of Modi and Hindutva politics for Indian democracy and the rule of law.

Parliamentary Meeting

To aid the campaign, Awaaz has organised a parliamentary meeting on 26 February and produced a briefing report which includes an analysis of Hindu right-wing politics in India and the UK, its impact on Muslims, other minorities and women and dispels myths about Modi’s style of governance’.

For further details on the parliamentary meeting on 26 February 2014 – Narendra Modi & the rise of “Hindu Fascism”

The “Parliamentary Briefing & Forum” will examine the role and politics of Narendra Modi during the Gujarat 2002 communal violence which led to over 1500 deaths of mainly the Muslim minority community. The riots also led to hundreds of rapes of women and over 200,000 people displaced. The forum will also analyse Modi’s “good governance” and the branding of Gujarat a dynamic and economically viable state. Speakers include MPs, families of victims, academics, human rights lawyers & activists and community leaders.

Please note that is an invited only meeting. To register for the meeting, click here:

Narendra Modi Exposed Report

Pragna Patel, Director of Southall Black Sisters has contributed a chapter entitled “Violence and Control: Modi, Hindutva and Women.” Her chapter examines three critical areas:

  • Rape and violence against women as an instrument of subjugation
  • Modi and the lack of state accountability
  • The Sexual politics of Modi and the Sang Parivar

Pragna Patel concludes that “Modi has failed to uphold the constitution of India and the standard of due diligence under national and international law and obligation to prevent grave human rights abuses.”

To download a copy of the briefing report  – Narendra Modi Exposed Report