The scheme and eligibility

This scheme is now open for referrals. It will provide support to up to 500 migrant victims of domestic and other forms of gender-related abuse (and their children) who are subject to the No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) Rule.
Priority will be given to those survivors who do not currently have an established route to settlement although in some exceptional circumstances bridging support will be available to those who are otherwise eligible for the DDVC concession, asylum support, local authority or other state assistance.

Referral pathways
The SMV will only accept referrals from third sector agencies, local authorities and statutory bodies via the following referral pathways:

Referral pathways


What support is provided under the SMV?

  • Safe accommodation for up to 12 weeks. There will also be discretion to award an additional 4 weeks of funds in exceptional cases of hardship.
  • Weekly subsistence payments calculated in line with the current rate of support for asylum seekers.
  • IDVA support and other appropriate befriending and welfare assistance service to improve safety and well-being outcomes for survivors.
  • Signposting to qualified immigration law practitioners to provide advice and representation on settlement options.

Agencies seeking to refer a migrant survivor to the SMV must complete an assessment form to confirm that the survivor has experienced domestic abuse or other forms of harm, is destitute and subject to the NRPF Rule. The referral agency will also have to complete an evaluation form and comply with other monitoring requirements as a pre-requisite for receiving the funding.
If you would like to talk to someone to discuss eligibility or obtain more details or clarification about the SMV, please contact the fund administrator at

Referrals from elsewhere in the UK
For agencies located elsewhere in the UK (not listed above) an alternative pathway to support exists via the SBS No Recourse Fund (NRF). This pathway will also provide financial support to cover rent and subsistence payments for up to 12 weeks in circumstances where referral agencies are unable to assist, due to a lack of funding and resources. Please note that under this pathway, we will only be able to cover rent and subsistence funding. The referral agency will remain responsible for advice, advocacy and any other appropriate support. For more information about the SBS No Recourse Fund please click and complete the application via Route 1.

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