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Bring Louis Home

#BringLouisHome Campaign

SBS is supporting this campaign against the appalling discriminatory Sharia laws of Dubai and the lack of an adequate British state response. We have only just got involved and have agreed to support Afsana’s quest for justice. Please can you share/circulate widely and try and come to the demonstration.

Join us on 29th October 2015 at 11am opposite the UAE Embassy, 30 Princes Gate, London SW7 1PT and help us obtain justice for Afsana and Louis.

Please help us reunite Louis with his mother

Louis Lachaux is one of a growing number of British children who are the innocent victims of Sharia custody laws, in this case, the Sharia laws of the United Arab Emirates. (UAE)

Louis was just three and half years old when his mother Afsana, a British citizen of Bangladeshi origin, was forced to leave the family home in Dubai with him for their own safety. Afsana had suffered severe domestic abuse at the hands of her French husband for four years but the Dubai authorities ignored her complaints, telling her: “In the UAE, under Sharia laws, husbands are allowed to beat their wives.”

Despite being British citizens, Afsana and Louis found themselves homeless and destitute without any state support for nearly three years during which time Afsana was arrested and detained several times on false charges brought by her husband. Despite being a practicing Catholic, he took advantage of the UAE’s Sharia laws to criminalise her for ‘kidnapping’ her son.

Please help us BRING LOUIS HOME:


When: Thursday 29 October 2015 – 11am to 1pm
Where: Opposite UAE Embassy, 30 Princes Gate, London SW7 1PT (tube: South Kensington )

For more info and to support this campaign go to https://bringlouishome.com/ and follow @afsanalachaux

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