Karishma Dharni

Human Rights Act Consultation

Call for case studies

Southall Black Sisters is currently preparing its response to the forthcoming consultation to repeal the Human Rights Act.

We want to highlight the importance of the Act and are currently looking for case studies where the Human Rights Act has been used to make a real difference for BME women and girls. The areas of law we are particularly interested in are immigration; community care; family law; state failures generally but especially policing; and inquests. However this is not an exhaustive list.

For the purposes of collating the case studies, could you please tell us:

  1. What the concern/issue was, and the area(s) of law involved
  2. What action was needed
  3. Which articles of the ECHR/sections of the HRA were invoked
  4. How the HRA made a difference in this case

For your convenience, you can download a template form.

Please respond and return forms by 26 February 2016.

Please do circulate to other groups working with BME women.

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