Karishma Dharni

Nosheen Azam’s Campaign Launch

SBS launches a campaign to highlight the case of Nosheen Azam. We are demanding an inquiry into the circumstances which caused her to suffer serious harm and for a new law so that those who are responsible for driving someone to attempt or commit suicide, are held accountable by the State.

Campaigners call for new homicide law for inciting suicide

Southall Black Sisters to launch women’s campaign for a new offence of ‘suicide aggravated by harassment or violence’

Amelia Hill writing for the Guardian.co.uk

“Growing concerns about the failure of police to properly investigate cases of women who have killed themselves after violence or abuse have led to a campaign for a new homicide law of “suicide aggravated by harassment or violence”.

The campaign is to be launched next month by Southall Black Sisters, who say the law would also cover those who jump from high buildings after being jeered by onlookers or who kill themselves after being encouraged over the internet.

An estimated 10 women kill themselves every week after repeated abuse, Home Office statistics show. Attempted or successful suicide is more than three times higher among Asian women in the UK , especially among those aged between 15 and 24 years old, according to research published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 1992.

Read full guardian article on Nosheem Azam Campaign

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