Please Help Us Enshrine Protection For Migrant Women in the Domestic Abuse Bill

Recent events surrounding the tragic death of Sarah Everard in March 2021 have reignited a much-needed national conversation about the immense dangers faced by many women and children in their homes and on our streets. The need for protection and support for women subject to abuse and violence could not be greater. As an organisation that has long campaigned for the rights of BME women, we continue to highlight the ways in which some of the most marginalised women in our society risk being excluded from the protective measures that are contained in the Domestic Abuse Bill. Such exclusion calls into question its status as a ‘landmark Bill’, and the Government’s promise to treat all victims of abuse as ‘victims first and foremost’.

Following a debate in the House of Lords on 15 March 2021, the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, with considerable cross-party support, successfully moved our proposed amendment (Amendment 70) on migrant women to a vote. The new clause – Victims of domestic abuse: leave to remain and the destitution domestic violence concession (DDVC), specifically amends the Bill to:

  1. Extend eligibility for the Domestic Violence Rule (DV Rule) and the Destitution Domestic Violence Concession (DDVC) to all migrant victims of domestic abuse.
  2. Extend the time period for the DDVC from three to at least six months.

You can read more about the journey of the Bill so far in our blog here.

As the Bill moves to the House of Commons, we are fearful that the Government will reject the amendment.

This is why we need your urgent help to make sure that the amendment is not voted down. This is our last opportunity to ensure that no woman is left behind.


What you can do to help

  • Please use this template to write a letter or email to your local MP, calling on them to vote in favour of our amendments for migrant women. You can also Tweet them directly. (We are particularly in need of greater support from Conservative MPs)
  • Share this ask with your friends, family and networks
  • Show your support for our amendment online, using the hashtags #ProtectionForAll #StepUpMigrantWomen

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