Karishma Dharni

Protest Against Fascists Marching Through Cricklewood

Protest against fascists marching through Cricklewood on 19th July 2014, 12 noon.

“Street by street, town by town, support local communities against racist thugs”

Southall Black Sisters will be attending a protest against fascists marching through Cricklewood on July 19th 2014. Organised by the North West London United, a broad coalition of community groups and trade unions who have come together to expose and protest against the fascists who are a group that have Ulster Loyalist connections and are anti-Muslim and anti-Irish. The fascists have chosen Cricklewood, an area that is multi-cultural area with a history of communities living side by side in peace. Join us to support this protest and keep the fascists off our streets!

Click image below to download flyer

Cricklewood 19 July flyer front

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