Karishma Dharni

SBS at South Bank as Part of Southall Story

Southall is a thriving and vibrant town, buzzing with life and multicultural communities.

The Southall Story exhibition launched with a celebration of South Asian and African music. The event was a colourful and energetic fusion of dance, music and art showcased by traditional South Asian and African performers. The continuation of Punjabi culture in the UK brought to life. Because of the passion of various artists and the names and are now associated with everyday households. The exhibition was a reflective journey of the expanding migrant community networks. These have developed over the years and it earmarked the key historical events that have made Southall an eminent domain for facilitating racial tolerance and cohesion.

This celebratory theme continued throughout the Alchemy festival. There were Garba dancers in the main hall welcoming all to take part and learn the moves of this traditional Gujarati folk dance. It was an invigorating experience where members of all racial and religious backgrounds came together to celebrate an Indian cultural activity.

The Southall Story exhibition in the Spirit Level, Festival Hall, South Bank is open until 11th May 2010.

Sophia & Kaljinder

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