Karishma Dharni

SBS Saddened by Death of Judge Peter Singer

We are so very saddened to learn of Judge Peter Singer’s death. Although we did not personally know Peter, we are indebted to him for his immense contribution in challenging the practice of forced marriage.

When we first came across him in early 2000, Peter showed a clear determination to tackle forced marriage at a time when others around him barely understood and showed little concern about the practice and plight of vulnerable minority victims, most of whom were and remain young women and girls.

We often spotted Peter at meetings and seminars, absorbing first-hand accounts of forced marriage from victims and learning from the experiences of activists and NGOs both in the UK and in countries such as Pakistan. Peter understood better than anyone else that forced marriage was not only about the absence of consent but about the grey area between consent and physical coercion borne out of emotional pressure and customary duty. He led the way in shaping the judicial response at a time when there was no Forced Marriage Civil Protection Act and state indifference was pervasive. Peter’s support lent gravitas to our struggles.

We send our deepest condolences to his family and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for choosing SBS as a charity of destination for those wishing to make donations in his memory.

Donations can be made via our virgin giving page.

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