Karishma Dharni

UN Special Rapporteur on #VAWG Report on UK

Southall Black Sisters response to UN Special Rapporteur on #VAWG report on UK

‘Southall Black Sisters welcomes today’s UN report on the UK government’s response to violence against women. The report highlights the many serious failings of the UK government to adhere to international human rights, equality and non-discrimination principles by adopting an inconsistent and contradictory response to violence against women. SBS calls on the government to act on all the recommendations made in the report but as a matter of the utmost urgency, to examine the impact of the draconian cuts in legal aid and specialist services that adversely affect access to protection and justice for the most vulnerable. We also call on the government to immediately withdraw from its proposal to repeal the Human Rights Act, without which we cannot hope to build a society based on shared human decency and human rights values. ‘

Further reading:

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Image credit: Vital Voices

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