Sanskriti Sanghi

Update – Violent Racist Attack on Selma Taha and Friends

As of Tuesday, 2nd July 2024, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have partially dropped the racist charges against the #KingsCross3 due to lack of evidence. These being –

  • The racially aggravated public order offence charge against Danae, in relation to alleged conduct towards a white British Transport police officer on the platform at King’s Cross.
  • The public order offence, without the racial aggravation, against Divina, again in relation to alleged conduct towards the same police officer at the tube station after the attack.

The CPS still intend to pursue a trial against Selma, Divina and Danae in relation to the charge of common assault by beating.

We continue to support the #KingsCross3 in their fight against the charge. Charging the victims of a racist attack is a grave miscarriage of justice, and an act of criminalising Black women who dared to call out and resist racist abuse.

Support the #KingsCross3 by signing our petition urging the CPS to drop the racist charges, donating to our crowdfunder to support the #KingsCross3 with their legal costs and coming to Highbury Magistrates’ Court for the trial on 10th, 11th and 12th July 2024.

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