SBS has campaigned against the rise of religious fundamentalism in all religions since 1989 and the fundamentalist frenzy surrounding the publication of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. Since then, we have seen a rapid rise in religious fundamentalist and ultra-conservative movements across the world. We view these reactionary forces as a serious threat to fundamental human rights and freedoms of not only women but also minorities and other marginalised groups. Recent developments in law and social policy such as the push towards the privatisation of justice and the promotion of a faith-based approach to minorities (multi-faithism) have empowered fundamentalists of all religions to wield more power and control. They now threaten to undo the gains that women have made in challenging injustice and inequality. This is why SBS has made the struggle for secularism a priority and linked it to the struggle for women’s rights, racial equality and democracy generally.

The Islamic Right

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