Karishma Dharni

Fundamentalism, Extremism and Cultural Rights

A new report to the UN human rights council on Fundamentalism, Extremism and Cultural Rights, in all regions, involving state and non-state actors, has just been released Friday by the UN.

Karima Bennoune [United Nations Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights] the author of the report says: “the rising tides of fundamentalism and extremism, in diverse forms and in all regions, whether embraced by states or non-state actors, today represent major threats to human rights, including cultural rights, and are growing challenges. We face a global avalanche of hate which must be faced with urgency, using a human rights approach. Culture and cultural rights are critical components of the response.”

“This is a pioneering and vitally important report that must find its way to our law and policy makers who fail to appreciate the impact of fundamentalism and extremism on the right to free and dynamic expression of culture grounded in respect for human rights.” Pragna Patel, Director Southall Black Sisters

Click below to download the Fundamentalism, Extremism and Cultural Rights report

Report to the UN human rights council

“This report is of huge importance to our work in challenging fundamentalist demands for gender segregation and parallel legal systems.” Pragna Patel

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