Due to an unprecedented volume of referrals, we regret that we are unable to accept any new referrals between Wednesday 1st December 2021 and Wednesday 5th January 2022. We will continue to prioritise urgent cases and will take high-risk referrals only if a CAADA-DASH risk assessment has been undertaken and is attached with the referral. We will also continue to accept MARAC referrals. Our No Recourse Fund remains open for applications and referrals. Our Helpline (020 8571 9595) remains open between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday – Friday until Friday 17th December, when SBS will close for the holidays until Wednesday 5th January 2022. 

You can reach the 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247. If you are in immediate danger, dial 999.



Southall Black Sisters is an advice, advocacy and campaigning centre for black and minority women. 

Working at Southall Black Sisters 

Southall Black Sisters (SBS) operates a specialist advice and advocacy centre for Black and minority ethnic women fleeing gender-based violence and related violations of their human rights. We are nationally and internationally renowned for our work, which by its very nature addresses issues of multiple or intersectional discrimination, involving the simultaneous experience of race, gender and other forms of inequality.

You will be joining a team of inspiring women, whose dedication has saved thousands of lives and continues to empower women to assert their fundamental human rights to justice, equality and freedom. The organisation offers a three per cent employer contribution and a focus on continued learning and development facilitated by experts in their field.

From time to time, depending on organisational needs, SBS offers volunteer placements and temporary paid internships. To enquire about current opportunities to work or volunteer with us, please contact hr@southallblacksisters.co.uk.

See what previous post holders have said about working for SBS in the testimonials below.

Current Opportunities

Unfortunately, we do not have any current opportunities to work at Southall Black Sisters.



Testimonials from our staff and volunteers, past and present:

Vidya, Domestic Violence Advocate
“SBS operates according to one golden rule: that no woman in need is ever turned away. From my time with the organisation, I can honestly say that this runs true. The frontline team does its very best to do right by its service users amid considerable systemic constraints – including a ‘hostile environment’ for migrants, and austerity cuts to housing, social services, legal aid and welfare benefits. In my time at SBS, I have learned to challenge the unacceptable and to work hard to find creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

The work of an advocate is challenging, to say the least, but it is also immensely rewarding. While the women who approach us for assistance come with stories of unspeakable cruelty and injustice, these are almost always tempered with touching accounts of kindness, strength and survival. SBS plays a significant role in bringing some relief to vulnerable women and children in times of crisis, and I am grateful to have had the chance to do the same.”

Radhika, Legal Policy & Campaigns Officer
“Do you enjoy a challenge? Are you a driven, creatively minded individual who wants to use your skills in a varied, busy and innovative environment? Are you motivated to use the law, policy and human rights to transform the lives of vulnerable and marginalised women and children suffering gender-based violence? Do you want to be part of an organisation which not only changes but saves lives? Then I urge you to apply for this role. Over the past few years, I have had the honour of working alongside our director Pragna Patel and with the dedicated, hugely experienced team at SBS. I have helped shape SBS’ campaigns, strategic litigation, policy and lobbying work, on issues such as transnational marriage abandonment, policing, transnational violence against women, immigration laws, legal aid, gender segregation in schools, the impact of parallel legal systems on women, and many other vital issues that touch the lives of BME women and children. I have also had the immense privilege of working directly with service users on some of our more complex cases. This has opened my eyes both to the crucial importance of domestic violence advocacy and of having a user-centred service. It has shown me the immense strength, resilience and courage of women who have suffered terrible violations of their rights and dignity.

Every day I play a part in helping survivors of abuse access safety, justice and support – whether that is changing the life of one woman by helping her seek redress for being abused and abandoned abroad, or of hundreds and thousands of women through our ongoing challenges to unjust and discriminatory policies which marginalise migrant women. Can you leave work every day saying you made a positive difference? I can.”

Biba, Volunteer
“I have been volunteering with SBS for 2 years. I was keen to volunteer at SBS as I was keen to learn more about actively promoting women’s rights here in the UK. I have done work as a volunteer that I never imagined myself able to do, from accompanying clients to legal meetings, taking detailed client statements, and finding refuges for clients in need.

I have really enjoyed volunteering at SBS, as I have learnt so much from everyone in the office, and from all the tasks I have been given to do. I have learnt that even the mundane jobs such as filing play a vital part in keeping a woman safe from danger, and getting her the justice she deserves. Every day is a new challenge, and I leave grateful that I could do something that has made a positive change to someone’s life.

I can honestly say its one of the most interesting things I’ve done, I have met some wonderful people, and I would recommend volunteering at SBS to anyone who is up for a rewarding challenge.”

Natasha, Volunteer
“I’ve really enjoyed the 6 months I have volunteered at SBS. They are a very hands-on team and you get a real in-depth understanding of the work that they do. You get to experience first hand what a positive and life-changing effect they have on so many women.

As a volunteer, I have had many different roles: Admin Support – helping with the website, social media, reception. Advocacy Support – Refuge Searches for clients, case filing and upkeep. Client Support – Accompany clients to meetings at the Job Centre or to see their Solicitors.

Working with SBS has really helped me to put everything into perspective personally and professionally. Although I am only a supporting role, I genuinely feel that a win for SBS is a win for me.”

Courtney, Volunteer
“Volunteering at SBS has been one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs I have had to date. I have been working there for almost a year, in which I have witnessed first hand that social change is possible, and charity work truly does make an incredible difference to the lives of individuals. My time at SBS has been highly educational and I have been able to gain an invaluable insight into UK immigration law, the role of racism and nativism in UK institutions, harmful religious practices, and negative societal and cultural traditions that all have a significant impact on the lives of BME women. It has been highly motivating to know that the work I do for this organisation is part of a wealth of emotional and practical support for vulnerable women that mitigates the impact of racial and gender inequalities in society and ensures that basic human rights are upheld, and needs are met. The women at SBS work incredibly hard to support women in need in the UK and abroad, and their passion and commitment to fighting inequality and injustice is something that I hope will continue to inspire me throughout the rest of my political career.”
Akshaya, Volunteer
“As a student social worker, volunteering at SBS has been an invaluable experience! Although my role was admin based, it gave me an insight into the complex casework SBS advocates carry out. The experience has given me an opportunity to further develop my skills in information gathering by listening to how others carry out risk assessments!

It was also a positive experience to see all the staff members in SBS campaigning for the same course so strongly! I felt welcomed into the organisation by all the staff members including senior management. Everyone has also been accommodating of my needs as a students, giving up time to explain the policies and campaigns run by SBS.

I am very grateful for the placement where I had a great opportunity to learn more about the great work SBS carry out.”

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