Theresa May’s Racist Song Sheet

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Why we are demonstrating on 24th October

Update: ‘Go home’ billboard vans not a success, says Theresa May

The demo is going ahead. The withdrawal of the Go Home Vans represents a small victory but we must shame this government into realising that its entire agenda on immigration is profoundly racist and unjust.

The current regressive and draconian immigration policies highlight how susceptible the political landscape is to scaremongering in which immigration is used mercilessly to gain votes. The government’s current tactics are reminiscent of strategies used by fascist groups in the past like the National Front who terrorised black and minority communities across Britain in the 70s and early 80s.

Southall Black Sisters was formed in the aftermath of the 1979 uprising against the National Front march through Southall which resulted in riots and the tragic killing of Blair Peach. Since then, SBS has worked to address issues related to domestic violence and over the years we have won key campaigns, setting precedents and that have changed case law. Although many battles have been hard won, the reversal of many of these victories poses a real threat to destitute women and children at the mercy of spouses and family members.

Dealing with over 3000 enquires a year on domestic and sexual violence, Southall Black Sisters is recognised nationally and internationally as a leading BME organisation that assists vulnerable women and children. Our detailed case work demands rigour, clarity and compassion and is driven by the need to find solutions where none often exists. We deal with cases covering domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, Immigration and asylum related to domestic violence, forced marriage, honour crimes, sexual harassment, dowry related abuse, matrimonial issues, child residence and contact, housing and homelessness, suicide, self-harm, mental health and depression, policing and crime and racism.

The recent racist ‘Go Home’ Vans and poster campaigns instigated by the Home Office is revelatory of the government’s intention to win the next election. Playing to a so called ‘racist’ electorate, the government has found bedfellows in the form of the Advertising Standards Authority, which recently found that the ‘Go Home’ vans ‘ were not racist, but merely factually wrong’. And the continued use of texting by the UKBA has been rubber stamped by David Cameron who hasn’t flinched at the incursion into the private lives of British nationals as they receive the ‘Go Home’ texts.

While this drama is played out, fear, destitution and exploitation continues to grip women and children trapped in violent relationships, they are forced to remain dependent on abusive spouses and their families for their right to remain in the UK.
The human cost of the racist ‘Go Home’ campaign is devastating. The continuous xenophobic rhetoric by the state and many elements in the media is having an unimaginable effect on the day to day lives of our service users – those who have insecure immigration status and even those who are British nationals.

In taking the ‘Go Home’ campaign forward, the Government is retracting from its promise to protect the vulnerable and is ignoring the safety of abused women with insecure immigration status. Instead it seeks to demonise all migrants in order to buy votes.

The continuous use of the provocative rhetoric by the likes of Theresa May, Mark Harper and David Cameron makes the ‘Go Home’ posters appear mundane and normal. They are merely seen as rules and regulations that are administratively necessary to deal with the ‘immigration question’ but are in fact racist and misleading. This is why we must protest and demonstrate and ultimately silence such racist and dangerous sloganeering.

Join our demonstration on Thursday 24th October to protest against racist Immigration laws and against the UKBA and its ‘GO HOME’ posters.

EATON HOUSE, 581 Staines Road, Hounslow, Middx TW4 5DL
From 10.30am to 12.30pm

Download poster [PDF version]

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How to get there:

Link to Google Maps: 581 Staines Road, Hounslow, Middx TW4 5DL

By bus: The nearest bus stop is just in front of the Reporting Centre (stop called ‘Islay Gardens). The following bus, train and tram services stop at the reporting centre: 116, 117, 235.

By underground: nearest London underground stations: Hounslow East for bus links, Hounslow West is a 15 minute walk. Nearest railway station: Feltham.

By car: No specific car parking but spaces available within short walking distance.

Photo Credit: The Scotsman

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